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Uniform Policy

It is the policy of the college that all students will wear the correct uniform whilst travelling to and from college.  The policy determined by the College Council, reflects accurately the findings of numerous surveys and the recommendations of representative committees.

Girls’ Uniform

Boys’ Uniform

Sports Uniform

All students are required to wear the College PE navy blue polo shirt and navy blue shorts for Physical Education classes.


Shoes should be plain black and fully cover the feet. T bar sandals do not meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements and therefore not allowed.


The college encourages students to buy the following items of uniform but they are not compulsory;


Students with pierced ears may wear sleepers or studs. (No other chains or jewellery may be worn).

Dress and Grooming

All students are encouraged to develop pride in their appearance.


The college is a SUNSMART school. All students are required to wear a broad brimmed hat when out in the sun in Terms 1 and 4. Hats can be purchased from the College Office.

Correct Uniform

Parents please ensure that you purchase only approved items and that your son/daughter is in full uniform as he/she departs for school each day.

Major Provider of Uniform

Fosters Mensland (Ararat)