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Year Level Coordinators

For organisation, welfare and discipline purposes, the college is divided into year levels.  A Year Level Coordinator  will be in overall charge at each Year Level.  The  Level Coordinators will assist students to make certain that their experiences at school are worthwhile and pleasant.  Year Level Coordinators are assisted by a Junior and Senior School Coordinator.

Welfare Coordinator  - College Chaplain

Our chaplain’s major role is a pastoral one. Most of his time is spent being available to help students work through their personal problems.  These include family separations, discipline, relationship breakdowns, friendship and development skills.

The chaplain is also available for all members of the college community to listen and consult with on any concern that may arise. A range of resources, both within the College and in networks developed outside can be utilised to address such difficulties.  These outside agencies include the local community welfare services and medical practitioners.  The concerns that students face are many and varied, ranging from peer argument and pressure to specific learning difficulties or stress at home.  Whatever the concern, each is treated with care, respect and confidentiality.

Careers Coordinator

The main role of our Careers Coordinator is to:

College Nurse

The College Nurse attends College five days each fortnight. She is available to offer education on health issues on both an informal and a structured level.  She also assists the Chaplain with welfare issues. Students are encouraged to approach the nurse for assistance on any physical/emotional health issue.  They may do this individually or may be referred by teachers with a concern for the student’s well-being.