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V.C.E. Subject Selection

All subjects offered at Year 11 (Units 1 & 2) and Year 12 (Units 3 & 4) unless indicated otherwise.

V.C.A.L. Subject Selection

Welcome to Year 11 and 12

we offer an extensive range of VCE subjects, the VCAL certificate as well as an excellent selection of Vocational Education and Training units (VET).  Our College caters for the diverse needs of all students;  those wishing to go to University, those who want to attend a TAFE College, those aiming at an apprenticeship or traineeship and those seeking employment.


Year 11 (units 1 & 2)

School Assessed Coursework/Task  (SAC or SAT)– a section of work completed by a student that is graded by the class teacher.  For a satisfactory completion of a unit a student must satisfactorily complete all SACs and SATs.  This will also apply to VCAL students.

Year 12 (unit 3 & 4)

In addition to the above SAC or SAT , Students are required to undertake  end of year examinations in all VCE subjects. These are an external assessment conducted by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authoirty.

V.E.T. Subjects

Vocational Education and Training in Schools is directly job related and competency based. These courses are good for people who like study that is practical and hands on.   Students can undertake VET while completing their VCE or VCAL..  VET subjects can allow VCE students to blend general studies with vocational education – keeping employment and training options open while also providing ATAR contributions for university entrance. VET subjects also contribute to VCAL learning programs.

VET Assessment

Assessment of outcomes and competencies for completion of VET modules for VET Certification need to follow specified requirements in the particular vocational area as outlined in Industry Documents.

V.E.T . Subject Selection

Camps and Activities

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Senior School studies

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