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Year 10 Subject Selection

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Welcome To Senior Studies

Year 10 provides a transition from the relative structure of Year 9, to the flexibility of building your own course, given the limits in senior years.

The Year 10 course can be considered to be divided into 3 parts. At Year 10 students complete 6 subjects a semester.

Part A – Core Subjects

All students must study English, Careers and a Mathematics – either Mathematics or Mathematics Extensions.

Part B – Elective Subjects

Students are recommended to choose electives from as wide a range of areas as possible so as not to limit future options.

It is important that they concern themself, not with a particular career, but with the widest possible choice of units. This results in giving interest through variety and keeps all options open for future study.

Year 10 at Ararat College provides an excellent preparation for your senior schooling, and students should treat the year as an orientation for Years 11 and 12 and become familiar with the language, work habits and attitudes associated with these levels. Students should consider all options carefully.

Part C - VCE or VET Subjects

Year 10 students have the opportunity to study a VCE or VET subject as part of their selections. The subject must be selected for both semesters.

By selecting a Year 11 subject, students gain experience of the extra requirements that Units 1 & 2 involve. However not all students in Year 10 are suited to the extra demands involved in studying a Year 11 subject and counselling advice must be taken before such selections are made.

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